You Can Have An Inexpensive Vacation!

33044866_originalPlanning a vacation might sound daunting. It is. But if you’re adventurous then the whole exercise can resemble a game and you can win it, if you all your bookings are well accommodated in your budget. So like a game has some tips and tricks to win quickly, so does this. In one word, the mantra is flexibility. Be flexible. Here’s how it will help you. Whether you want to travel to a resort within your own country, look up on all the resources available. Some retreats have even put up free videos of their resorts for example- club la costa world on youtube. It also helps to keep track of your favorite airline. You can subscribe to their newsletter to keep you informed. For example –

It is important to remain flexible, as mentioned earlier.
1. Place is of great prominence to some people. If you have already decided on the place, then there isn’t much that can be done to save costs here. Normally people book popular destinations. If a place is currently being promoted as the hottest tourist destination everyone wants to make a beeline for it. The result is that the cost of hotel accommodation and flight tickets soar. You are burning a hole through your pocket.

2. Instead of deciding prematurely on the date, decide on what you’d like to do on that holiday. Do you plan to bask in the beach and get some sun, do you want to go to the mountains, live quietly amidst nature, read a book lying in a hammock, or do you choose to ski at a ski resort, or would you like to hit the casinos and have some plain fun? Once you decide on that, list down all the places, if not the highest on the popularity list, then others that come close. Now check for flight and hotel rates.

3. If you do not want to compromise even a little on the place, try booking well in advance for the best deals possible. Well in advance would mean, a year in advance. This way you even get to choose the specific dates because hardly any bookings have been taken yet for the following year. Only early birds are scouting for them. Another option for the more adventurous side of you is to book just a day in advance. You just might land up with the coolest deals simply because the hotel would rather give you a deal and cut their profits than letting their room go vacant! That though, is a risk, so you must have your plan B ready.

4. Another parameter to consider for flexibility would be the duration of your holiday and what dates exactly. If you are in no rush to have it in a particular week or start on a particular date at the time you are booking, keep a particular month in mind and look up dates in that month when flight and room bookings are cheap. Don’t hesitate to check out package deals!

5. Be a little laid back on the frills and fancies offered with your package or hotel booking. If its at an exorbitant price and includes a carnival ticket. You can easily give up on the carnival ticket, because you can figure that out for yourself when you reach your destination. However enticing, check with the price you are paying for the hotel or the flight is worth the added benefits they list down for you along with the five star pricing. If you strip off those benefits and your hotel rate comes down to half, you know what to do!
6. Try looking up airports that are close to your departure city and you are likely to find deals if the airport is a hub. Most big cities are hubs, so you might get a deal by boarding your flight from them.

Good luck with your vacation planning! These tips are sure to help you en route to booking your trip.

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