Kitchen Knife Set

A Look Into The Components Of Your Kitchen Knife Set

Pantry-Org-1Each one of you have a favorite knife in your kitchen set but do you know the purpose of other knives in your kitchen knife set? There are various knives in your kitchen knife set and each one is specially designed for a specific purpose. In the website, you can find the top brands of kitchen knife sets available in shops with complete reviews. A kitchen knife set includes slicing knife, chef’s knife, boning knife, filleting knife, santoku knife, four steak knives, sharpening steal etc.

You must buy a knife based on three attributes such as Knife profile, knife spine and knife edge or grind.

The profile of the knife means how much curve is there in the blade. For mincing and dicing task knives with curved blades will be suitable since using the curved blade knife you can rock during the entire cutting activity. Knife spine means how thick the blade of your knife is. You can either buy knife with thin bone or thick blade. Thinner blade knives are best for chopping the bones where you have full control in your cutting activity.

Now we shall discuss the type of knives in a kitchen knife set:
Chef’s knife is considered as the all-purpose knife that is suitable for all activities such as slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing. It is designed as a thick spine and the edge of the knife is a curved shape that gives you an excellent result in chopping and mincing.
Utility knife is like the chef’s knife but the difference is that it has less curve and is thicker when compared to the chef’ knife. You can use this for smaller jobs since it is smaller than the chef’s knife. This knife is otherwise called as steak knife.
When cutting the long edge of bread using other knives some people find it difficult to cut the edges and most of the times the inner soft portions become pieces. To avoid this you can choose bread knife that is perfect for chopping breads and specially designed for this purpose. The blade of this knife is flat and long and favors long cuts. Take the knife and simply cut the edges without crushing the inner parts of the bread when cutting. The bread knife is also called as serrated utility knife.
Santoku Knife is also an all-purpose knife that does a similar job like a utility knife or a chef’s knife. Sometimes when cutting the soft food items it sticks to the knife to avoid this Santoku knife is designed. Unlike the other knife models the blade has dimples. It permits air to travel between the food items and the knife. It is best for cutting soft foods like cheese.
Paring knife is smaller in size and has a thin spine. You can use this knife for peeling, paring and removing the seeds from pepper and deveining a shrimp. This knife is available in different blade lengths.
Slicing knife or carving knife has smooth and long blades. It doesn’t have deep curve but only a little. To make thin slices of poultry or meat you can use this. You can buy a boning life to get lot of control when removing the bones from the meat and poultry.