Portable Or Stationary Coolers – Which Is The Best?

mancoolers-portable-stationary-250x250There are many ways to tackle the summer season. Installing an evaporator cooler is one great idea to beat the summer. Evaporator coolers, also called as swamp, work by pumping the water into the media, from where the water is evaporated and infused into the air. The evaporation causes the room environment to turn more humid. This is the reason, why air coolers are ideal for the regions, where summers are more hot and dry. The air coolers do not work greatly in the areas with high humidity in air. The biggest advantage of air cooler is that they consume only 25% of the energy used by an air conditioner.

Air coolers are generally categorized in two types – stationary and portable. Stationary air coolers, as the name says, are stationary in nature. They are fixed to the window or mounted on the roof or wall. A roof mounted air cooler requires a stand, duct system and complex installation process. Therefore, having a stationary or roof mounted air coolers are quite expensive. A window mounted air cooler is less expensive, however, you need to install separate cooler in every room. Both portable and stationary coolers work by absorbing air from outside and converting it into cold air.

The portable coolers should be placed near a window or door, so that it can absorb the dry air from outside to be circulated as cool air inside. Portable coolers have some attractive advantages, which you may not find with other type of coolers. Stationary coolers are difficult to maintain as they are installed on roof or wall. On the other hand, portable coolers rest on the ground, thus they can be easily accessed and cleaned. Portable coolers can be easily moved from room to room. Nowadays, air coolers are made by many companies and they come in various sizes and powers.

If you are confused in picking up the best coolers for your home, then you can visit This is an online resource intended to help people in buying the right air cooler. You should remember that air coolers need to be maintained properly, so that you can avoid messy water leak problems. You need to choose an air cooler that suits your life style. Since air coolers come in different varieties, it becomes quite difficult for us to choose the best one. Lightweight air coolers are ideal for use in outdoor environment.

Heavy-duty air conditioners are ideal for tough use. The reason why you should access the Internet is that you will gain more knowledge about the coolers. Gaining more knowledge helps you take an informed decision. There are many websites, where you can find reviews and rating of various coolers available in the market. These reviews provide a deep insight about coolers. To save money on your cooler purchase, you can shop online. Many online stores offer coolers at amazing discounts and hence you can save more money.

By choosing an ideal cooler, you will benefit a lot. On other hand, choosing a wrong cooler will be a waste of your hard earned money.