Month: September 2016

A Complete Guide To Online Dating

online datingOnline dating can be many things. Sometimes it’s exciting and at times it might turn out to be gross. There are so many websites now like Tinder, Hinge and OKCupid that are offering online dating service. Even though the name of the websites is different, all of them are common in the fact that the people who have signed up in all these websites are not saying the truth about themselves. Even if a person claims to be true about themselves, to an extent they lie to put up a great personality. Men and women complain about each other to friends and it never seems to work. To help you in deciding on the truth involved in online dating here are some tips and a simple guide for you at

It is very easy to understand what men want most in a woman. Therefore, don’t be scared about your first date or the guy you are dating. It need not necessarily be a marriage interview. Enjoy the moment and make sure that the date is easy for both of you. Do not keep unrealistic pictures of yourself as the profile picture. Be realistic and as much as possible, use one without a lot of makeup. Do not post old pictures of yourself where you looked a lot different from how you are now. One has to keep in mind that you’re only looking for a date on Tinder and not your soul mate.

When you are on your date, do not advise the other person about anything. After all, you do not know the person very well and is only your first date. You do not want to come across as someone who preaches. Maintain an interesting bio instead of going for quotes or some generic movie lines. Think about cool ways of talking about yourself which might interest the other person. When you have conversations with the other person, be as realistic as possible. Do not get distracted or pretend as if you are interested in the conversation. There is so much you can understand about a person by talking to them.

Do not try to hide too many details about yourself. Be proud of the way you are and how you look. Use photographs that show how you look and do not be apologetic about the way you look. If a date does not work out, do not take the entire blame on yourself. Think about what aspects about you can attract a man and post information accordingly. Make sure that your written profile has enough information about yourself. Choose the best words to describe yourself instead of some genetic statements. Show how interesting and fun you with your words. If you are not good with words, ask one of your friends to help you with this.

One of the important rules of online dating is not using Photoshop. Take a good picture of your face and body so that it looks real. The person you are dating shouldn’t be surprised about how different you look in the photograph versus how you look in real life. A fake picture can be your worst enemy.

Now that you have these tips, Happy Dating!

Testosterone Treatments: A Comprehensive Analysis


There are many reasons because of which the testosterone levels in men start to decrease. Aging is one of the most common reasons because of which this decrease in the levels of testosterone takes place. It is also the natural way of nature and often people do not really mind the decrease in the levels of testosterone levels with age. But sometimes people associate the decrease in the levels of testosterone as one of the reasons of aging. That is not the way things actually are. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite -aging is a reason for the decrease in testosterone levels in a male human being.

Testosterone therapy can be a good idea in case you are not fully happy with the decrease in the levels of testosterone in your body and the associated results. You should be aware of the fact that testosterone which is a hormone secreted by the testicles in a male human being has many functions to perform. The major functions of testosterone include sex drive, the density of the bones, the mass and strength of the muscles in your body etc. So, lower levels of this hormone can have a lot of effects that many people do not like. In such a case you may benefit a lot from testosterone therapy.

Reduced sex drive is one of the major effects of the depletion in the levels of testosterone. A lot of men find it very hard to cope up with this decrease in the sex drive with age. At times age is not the reason for this reduction in the levels of testosterone and in sex drive. There can be other underlying reasons such as hypogonadism. No matter what the reason behind it, if you feel that you need testosterone therapy then you should consult a doctor who is an expert in the field. He will be the best person to judge the scheme of things.

In fact, if you are to consult a physician as well as a sexologist then you will be in a very good position. The actual reasons behind your symptoms will become very clear to you and also to your doctors. When this has been done then a well-planned course of action will be suggested to you by the qualified professionals for the job. If testosterone therapy is what they advise then you should not shy away from it. The basic thing that you need to understand is the medical professionals who are experts in the field will advise you the best-suited course of action as per your situation.

The truth is that the depleting levels of testosterone can often be a confusing thing and may have a lot of undesired effects even on your psychological state. So, it is best that you get yourself treated as soon as you can. Choose the right doctors for this task if you want to make sure that your treatment is proper and very well suited to your specific needs. We hope that this article was useful and informative to you.